About Unlocking Growth

Unlocking Growth is a team of dedicated professionals that live and breath Product Led Growth. We aim to help our customers do more, faster and better that helps scale their business growth.

Our founders, Audrey Melnik and Peter Ikladious, have extensive experience in Product Led Growth and Startups and have curated a team that is passionate about making startups and clients look good and maximising their growth potential.

We focus on Customer Journey Optimisation and work to empower non-technical team members to experiment and iterate on the customer journey without developer involvement.

We enable SaaS companies to scale because we believe that whilst being Product-Market Fit is a good start, it isn’t enough to be successful. We are the people who will help you scale. Think of us as your scale-up partner.

Our products and services include:

-Unlocking Simulation - Test data on steroids
-Unlocking Attribution - Understanding your ad spend

We offer world-class education in our Saas Trial Rocketship program.
We also offer exclusive and highly sought-after Rocketship Scholarships for motivated and impressive individuals who are looking to improve their business through our PLG-driven methods.

Feel free to contact us at any time should you have queries about any of our services or content.

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Co-founder of Unlocking Growth Creator of the Customer Journey Optimization methodology.
Marketing & Events Co-ordinator at Unlocking Growth